Thursday, October 15, 2009

This is what the apple pie that I wrote about earlier looked like. I am telling you that the vanilla egg wash makes all the difference. Well that and making sure to dust the apples with flour and lots of butter before sticking the lid on. Used the recipe with my students and they were simply the best pies ever (even the moms and several staff said so).

This is the gorgeous pumpkin pie that my roomie made. SO good... pumpkin is my fave.

My first all-by-myself turkey!! Look at it? I didn't stuff it but put fresh dill, fresh sage, and some celery inside. Then I lightly spiced the outside and roasted that sucker!

I used the tri-colour potatoes, onions and parsnips. I dusted them with salt, pepper, a tiny bit of cayenne pepper and some rubbed sage. Throw in some butter and let it roast covered for about 35 minutes or so.

The turkey after... gotta include the pics of it all snarfed down!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sweet, sweet apple pie.

Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner and being in the US (where they celebrate the holiday like nothing I've ever seen) it makes me a little homesick, so I am planning to throw a big dinner for those who are here and make me feel less homesick by being great friends. Today I made the apple pies for dessert. It was just a standard apple pie with a few little tricks that my mom passed on to me. She said to dust the apples with a little flour so that they create a thick sauce when they cook... yum! She also said to do an egg wash on the top crust. But I jazzed it up with a little Mexican vanilla. You should have been in my apartment to smell that!!!!
So next time you make an apple pie, put some vanilla in your egg wash. yum yum!