Thursday, November 12, 2009

Carrot Soup

I know it is not the usual for most people, but carrot soup is YUMMY!! The picture simply does not do it justice. Here is how you get to it: You need carrots (I added in some butternut squash because I love it's flavour), vegetable stock, the spices you like (I barely salted and peppered the carrots as they boiled in the vegetable stock and the taste was perfect for me) and whipping cream. You also need a blender or food processor, I had just a mini one so didn't quite get the smooth consistency that I love. So, it is really simple. You boil your carrots and/or squash in the vegetable stock. Boil until they are extremely soft. But don't throw away the bathwater once the babies are done cooking... you need it for flavour and soupy consistency. Take the soup broth and the vegetables and put them in your blender and blend until SUPER smooth. Put the blended mixture back in the pot, add a pat of butter to help make it smooth and buttery. Then throw in the whipping cream (I used the smallest container and didn't even use all of it) and heat gently. It should look creamy and a pale orange. Then all you do is serve it up. I used to make this (without the squash) at the Lebanese restaurant I worked at in my university summers. It is such a hearty and delicious soup... perfect for a rainy day... and lots of people who aren't huge fans of carrots actually like the soup! :) Happy eating!

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  1. Soup is the most difficult to photograph for a good picture - I'm sure it was delicious