Friday, August 20, 2010

Mmm... Dinner!

Since I am unable to cook right now (not being in a real apartment with my supplies) I thought I would post some pics of some of the food we are being treated to at my new school. And if you haven't tried traditional Turkish food, perhaps this will motivate you to do so.

This was our mezze. It had the cucumber, the tomato, a roasted and peeled red pepper, some tzitziki, so fresh briney feta cheese, an eggplant dip and some sort of tomato salsa type dip. Each one was flavourful and refreshing.

Then came the Turkish version of hummus. It was served hot and so the garlic was very prominent and tasted roasted. So yummy.

All of this was served with copious amounts of pida, or flat bread. The bread was fresh baked, warm and delicious. I think I could have eaten that all night long without anything else. And they just kept bringing it.

Next was our main dish, a basic mixed grill. There was chicken, lamb, kofte kebabs and veggies. All had that charred taste of an outdoor grill and were simply perfect. At this point, I was too stuffed to eat it all but I made sure to have a bite of everything.

We ended the night with a fruit plate and some sweet, honey drenched hazelnut cookies that my friend Tim then made into the face you see above... the perfect ending and the indication that we all had happy tummies!

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