Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cooking in Turkey

Hi there folks. I am sure that some of you are waiting for me to post a real cooking post but I haven't done too much of that in a while. Today I attempted to make some little Turkish dumplings and they turned out okay, but nothing worth taking pics or writing about. They were a lot like little ravioli. Once I get some more supplies (more than one pot and one skillet and one flipper would be a start), then I can look into cooking some stuff here. I am going to attempt to cook things that are Turkish in nature but with ingredients that I know you can get at home. Please be patient for the posts as it will take me a while to gather all the things I need... it's expensive to set up house here when you haven't yet been paid a full salary... but once I am, it's on and poppin'!!!
Thanks for your patience and thanks for not dropping off as readers as I go through this time of adjustment.

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