Sunday, June 19, 2011


In Turkey, Kumpir is a baked potato, but like nothing you have EVER seen before. Trust me when I say it blows ALL other baked potatoes out the window. It's cheap to get here and is SO good!! What they do that makes it better is that the potato is cooked so that the inside is soft and the outside is crispy (I don't know who they get it to work exactly like that) and then they crack it open and MASH the insides with butter and cheese (sounds wrong, but trust me on this one... it's SO RIGHT!!!) until it's a gooey, mashy mix. Then they let you choose what you want to top it with (everything from veggies to BBQ chicken are available). It's WONDERFUL! I wish there were proper Kumpir places everywhere I went... this could be my new crack food (you know, the food that's like a drug to you).


  1. Sounds similar to the twice baked potatoes I make, only with more interesting fillings - absolutely delicious!

  2. but the kicker is that they do not bake them twice!! It is just baked once... I should video them making my next one so you can understand... it's simply amazing... mashed with a fork, in the skin (they don't take it out to mix and then put back in) with butter and cheese until it's a ball of mashed, cheesy potato and then they throw on toppings and just hand it to you... I've NEVER had a potato this good before... wish they could do it with sweet potatoes but those don't grow here.