Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bacon, Eggs, Toast....

... does it get any better for breakfast? YES IT DOES!!! I've recently become addicted to the website I don't know if you've seen it, use it or even heard of it but it's a great way to share the things you love with people and to learn about new things. I have a board on their called NOM NOM... it's all about FOOD. Not too longLink ago I saw a friend pin something to her food board that intrigued me so I pinned it to mine. It was a Martha Stewart recipe for breakfast. They are called Bacon, Egg and Toast Cups and they looked amazing, so I gave them a try.

Just click on the link above to see how to do it step by step. I made some little variations to mine in order to suit my flavour palate( Chipotle Tobasco, smaller pieces of bacon and fresh, shaved Parmesan on top). I also slightly overcooked mine (I got distracted by laundry and dishes and didn't keep close enough of an eye on them to bake just until the whites set). They were DELICIOUS and I think it's something you could do with kids (so easy to assemble) and yet they look all fancy, schmancy so you could do them for a brunch and really impress friends.

Happy Eating!

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