Monday, January 2, 2012

Smoothie Madness

I know I've posted about smoothies before but I haven't been really that good at actually making them Typically I like to have a smoothie for breakfast and in the mornings I am often too tired or slow moving to actually make the smoothies and then the fruit goes off so quickly here since it is picked ripe as it's grown within Turkey and there is no need to pick it early and let it ripen. So, long story short, I never end up making smoothies I love so much... so I came up with a simple solution (even for a teeny tiny freezer such as mine): make the fruit and yogurt part up, bag them and freeze them. That way in the mornings all I need to do is throw the contents of the baggie in the blender with a little juice or soy milk and instant, HEALTHY breakfast!! YAH. Here is what it looked like to do this:

It was great fun because I got to play with a lot of different flavour combos, no two baggies is alike and there are 8 of them... that's a lot of yummy breakfasts for me!!

Happy Eating!


  1. That is a fantastic idea - will have to try to remember it.

  2. yea... I saw it somewhere else and thought, "why am I not doing this?!"