Friday, August 21, 2009

Cake Balls - thanks Noreen

This is all you will need unless you want to do the cake from scratch or you want to get all fancy schmancy... I used a chocolate cake mix (eggs, water and veg oil required) but you can use any kind of cake. I also used a milk chocolate frosting, but again you can use whatever turns your cake crank. Then I bought some self hardening chocolate and sprinkles and nuts for garnish.

Mix up the cake mix (I threw in a little Mexican vanilla and cinnamon to add my own personal touch to the mix).

After the cake is baked and cooled, cut it into little squares. I baked the cake in a tin lined with parchment paper, it made it easier to pop out of the pan and into the bowl.

Put the cut up cake and frosting into a bowl and mix. It looks nasty (see the pic below) but you want it to be a mucky, muddy looking mess... that means it is perfect.

ew... right? Just taste it... yum!!

Melt the self hardening chocolate using either a double boiler system or your microwave. I did the double boiler because I felt like I had more control over the chocolate, keeping it glossy and smooth.

As the chocolate was melting slowly, I went ahead and pre-rolled the cake balls. You can make them as big or small as you like. As this was my first time making them, I think I went a little too large, which made them a bit of a pain to dip.

I also layed out my sprinkles and nuts for IMMEDIATE dipping after being dipped in the chocolate.

Look at that glossy, yummy melted chocolate... that is a sight that makes this chubby bubby very happy!! hahaha

As I was dipping the cake balls in chocolate and laying them on the parchment paper, my roommate was sprinkling nuts and sprinkles over them. We put them in the fridge to harden up nicely and then enjoyed them after a yummy cod dinner and some wine... Good times, I am telling you!


  1. Kinda like Timbits but way better :o)

  2. oh my goodness... they are so yummy and my roommate and I are hot on the trail of different versions of the same goodness... hehehe Stay tuned!!

  3. Well done! I have yet to make cake balls but they do look lovely. The extra effort that goes into making these make them special!