Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thai Green Curry

First things first... get all your ingredients ready! I use the chicken breast strips that they sell in the grocery stores, but you can use chicken breasts, or beef or even fish or seafood. Pick your protein (even tofu) and go with it. I also like to use leftover veggies mixed with fresh veggies. Great way to clean out the fridge and still make something yummy and new.

The all important coconut milk. You can get a lower fat version but for some reason it just isn't as nice. Go for the full fat version!!

Green curry paste. Bad picture, I know... green curry is not very spicy so if you are looking for something a little hotter, go for a red curry. The basic procedure is pretty much the same. The jars of curry paste (which is better than the pre-made curry mix) have a how to on them, but I am using what I remember my Thai cooking teacher telling me to do... well sort of.

Instead of using Pam or another spray to grease the pan, I bought a Kitchen Spritzer from Pampered Chef and I just fill it with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Saves money, doesn't have aerosol and is more environmentally safe.

Drop in some onions and garlic to saute
Add chicken and eggplant into the mix and keep sauteing. The eggplant should be soft before you add much more.

When the eggplant or any other heartier veggies you choose to use are soft, add in other softer veggies. I tossed in some frozen mixed veggies and leftovers.

After a few minutes of cooking that, open your coconut milk and pour it in.

Then stir in the curry paste and allow the whole pan to simmer for a little bit. You should be tasting it to see how much of the curry paste you want to add. I added about twice what the bottle said because I love this curry's flavour. But we are all different, so do what feels right for you.

Once it and your Thai jasmine rice is cooked, plate it up and ENJOY!! Yum, yum... and it makes enough to serve probably 5 or 6 people... or enough for you to have super yummy leftovers for lunches at work. Everyone will be jealous when you tell them it is homemade and not take out!


  1. I have always been curious about the curry in a jar, thanks for sharing an idea on how to use it. Keep 'em coming!

  2. I totally agree with the full fat coconut milk - it just tastes better!