Sunday, August 23, 2009

Favourite Restaurants

My lovely friend Kristen, has asked her friends with foodie blogs to write about their favourite place(s) to eat and then link our blogs together... so that is what I am going to do since I really don't feel like cooking today (I have enough leftovers to manage for today) and also because she is a good friend and it is fun to think back on some yummy places for good dinners. Being international makes mine a little different as well, since some of my favourite places to eat are not on this continent. :) Please see the list below... they are in no particular order.

1)Samwon Gardens is one of the best (but most expensive) Korean restaurants in Seoul. Everything I have ever eaten there is delicious. It is also special to me as this is the place I ate with my Uncle Garth when he would come to Seoul on business and once when my parents visited, we all ate there and it was wonderful.

2) There is another restaurant in Seoul that had the best Rib Eye steak covered in a super creamy and delicious blue cheese dressing with a side salad and shoestring fries. It is La Cigale Monmarte. Loved that place and used to go there a couple times a month with Raymond and then friend Wilma...

3) My favourite Chinese food restaurant ever was also found in Seoul, Korea. Holee Chow. Mmmm... spicy pork loin.... the food there was hardly ever greasy and just the right amount of spices. Raymond and I would go there every so often and gorge ourselves on way too much food. Our favourite thing was their side dish of spicy cabbage (not kimchi exactly... just really really yummy).

4) Cafe De La Lune, Victoria, BC. I used to go for evening walks with my friend Shawna from UVIC and we would always stop in there for a treat to share, they had the biggest, best Rice Krispie Squares. Mmmmm... We'd often pop by there for tea etc after a night out on the town too. Sounds granny-ish but it just seemed to suit our sensibilities. Loved that place.

5) My house or my friend's houses... a home cooked meal with family and friends will always beat out a restaurant in my tummy, heart and mind.

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  1. Cafe de la Lune almost made my list too, the steamed chocolate milk hot chocolate :o)