Friday, April 1, 2011

Call For Recipes

Hi Foodie Friends!!! I've recently gone to the doctor for something that I think is unrelated to my weight but my doctor wants to put all the blame on my weight... so I'm happy to comply and lose the weight (I'm sure that it's not the cause of the issue, but I am also sure it's not helping things). Here are the parameters I must function within from now on (some are fairly easy for me since I don't partake in them often):

  • no salt (at all)
  • no sugar (at all, this includes fruit juices)
  • no oil (as little as possible)
  • no bread (guess what? It has salt!!)
  • no fast food (easy... I don't have that often anyway)
  • no cheese (this is like murder for me... if you remember, I had a post about melted cheese alone!!!)

Here's where you come in... please leave me links to good recipes or even some recipes you know and have that I could use in my comment box. After my Spring Break I had planned to follow a detox program and I have a few recipes with that, but I am going to need more... especially considering that I can't get all ingredients readily here.

Help me get back to happy eating, my friends!!

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