Saturday, April 2, 2011


When I lived in Oman, a woman from Jordan introduced me to this little spring jewel and I am thrilled to be back in a part of the world that sells, enjoys and loves them! They are the green, spring almond. It's an almond before it reaches maturity. It's crunchy, tangy and just plain good!! The green fuzzy part is what becomes the shell given time to ripen and harden. The inside is what will become the almond nut itself. Anyway, they come just once a year and are a treat! Soak them in a little salted water before eating, or simply crunch away while dipping in a little sea salt. Up to you!!


  1. I love them! We have a bazaar that is set up next to my place on Sun
    days, almonds are certainly in my shopping list.

  2. Lucky you... wish we could get a bazaar out here even just once a month would be great!!