Sunday, September 27, 2009

Julia Child's kitchen

During my time in DC on Saturday, we popped into the American History museum at the Smithsonian. It is a wonderfully touchable museum and I can't wait to see more of it. But for this blog, I thought you may appreciate these pictures the most. It is Julia Child's kitchen. The above picture is of two of her quotes that seemed to connect to my life the most.

The wall of photos, quotes and details of Julia's life. The top quote says: "Above all, have a good time!" I loved that because that is how it should be in life... you should have the positive attitude to have a good time!

The kitchen was encased in glass, so you couldn't get a great shot, but if you saw the movie Julie/Julia Project, then you know EXACTLY how it looks.

Bon Appetit! Blurry, I know... hehehe.

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  1. I would have counted this exhibit among my favorites as well.