Thursday, September 10, 2009

Potato Salad

Potato salad is one of my favourite things to eat. My mom makes the absolute, without a doubt, best potato salad ever and no one should try to claim that title from here. I make a good one, but somehow it just doesn't measure up. I know that the missing ingredient is though - A Mother's Love. It is the most amazing ingredient and it makes everything from my childhood so much better. So as I begin to explore some of my favourite childhood recipes, I know that they won't taste exactly like my mother's, but they will be yummy and take me back to a place of happiness again. So enjoy the version of potato salad that I made yesterday for dinner with a grilled turkey burger (my potato salad has some different things in it this time than I normally put in and some stuff was missing. I was missing the green onions and paprika garnish. I added cayenne pepper for a little burst of spice and I used Miracle Whip when normally I prefer regular mayo).
The ingredients... Miracle Whip, French's Mustard, Dill, Celery Salt, Cayenne Pepper, Sage. I use the sage very lightly because it fives a little different taste.

As you can see it is pretty easy... sometimes I fully peel the potatoes and other times I don't. This time I used baby creamer potatoes so I left the peels on, good texture and nice taste. Hard boiled eggs.... chop it all up, throw in the spices and mustard to taste and them slap on the mayo to the desired wetness.... YUM!!

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  1. We eat potato salad here year 'round. Sometimes it's just the perfect side to have regardless of the season. I loved my grandmother's; I have her handwritten recipe, but hers still tastes better.

    You're right. It's the love ingredient, I think.